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world_clock I hope everyone found good food and companionship with friends or family over the weekend. I love that Thanksgiving requires no preparation beyond food and that any tradition is acceptable. If only all holidays were like that, eh? We usually spend Thanksgiving at my son and daughter-in-law’s home outside of Washington DC. My daughter comes down from Philadelphia. Often we have my son’s friend there, too. This year he’s teaching in South Korea, but we didn’t let that stop us. We called him via Facetime Messenger—7 am Friday his time, 5 pm Thursday ours—and chatted and laughed with him as he made his way to his bus stop. It was the perfect lead-in to our dinner. There are so many ways to feel connected to what and who really matters over the holidays. You have no idea how much a phone call or a “Missing you!” text can lift someone’s spirits. Thanksgiving’s behind us, but the next holiday’s a doozy. Remember to reach out to those in your circle who may need some lifting. That’s my holiday wish. You’ll be surprised how much it will lift you as well.


On this Cyber Monday, and if you are among those of us who need a bit of respite from the world around us, let me share a couple of great ideas for you or for a friend. First, the ebook of Just in Time for a Highlander, the first of the Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands trilogy and winner of a rare starred review from Publishers Weekly, is priced at just 99¢! When Abby Kerr, unlikely heir to her father’s Clan chiefship, is faced with a handsome, unbiddable twenty-first century Scot instead of the strongarm she wished for, she must deal with an unexpected challenge. Jump in a hot bath with a glass of eggnog, hit download, and you’re set to go. If you love it, you can spend 750 more pages with the fiercely independent women of the 1705 Borderlands and the handsome twenty-first century men determined to win their hearts via First Time with a Highlander and Every Time with a Highlander. Now there’s a way to survive December. Download Just in Time for a Highlander here: Kindle.   Nook.   iBooks.  

Just in Time for a Highlander

Second, the ebook of Timeless Desire is also priced at just 99¢. Panna Kennedy, a recently widowed librarian discovers a gateway to the past under the stairs of her financially struggling library. When she meets the mysterious English officer who is the owner of an opulent library in an even more opulent castle at the other end of the gateway, she finds herself quickly entangled in a much more challenging problem. Kindle.   iBooks.  

Timeless Desire


As an added incentive, if you download one of the above books (or have already downloaded or purchased one), just enter the first three words of the third chapter of either book here by Wednesday, November 30 at midnight, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card.


Here’s a post I did for Heroes and Heartbreakers on what constitutes the best of time travel, at least IMHO. Enjoy.

This is dawn from my terrace. Sort of my Zen place. Have a peaceful and loving holiday season.




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